Audio Short Talk Bulletin Now Available

Audio Short Talk Bulletin Now Available at NO COST!

A new style of subscription for the Short Talk Bulletin, is now available for those who may be visually impaired or just prefer an audio version.

The Short Talk Bulletin Online Audio Library is now available as a downloadable podcast.

Previously, Brother Michael A. Smith, a member of the Grand Lodge of Maine, has been recording Short Talk Bulletins and charged a fee. Now he is making them available at no cost. His only request is for a few Brothers to make a donation.

By the end of January twenty-nine Short Talk Bulletins had been made available. These make great presentations at a lodge meeting and often spur discussions. Many of the Bulletins are recorded by the original author.

It’s one thing to read a Short Talk Bulletin, but it’s another to hear it read with the original speech patterns of the original presenter. MW Casey Hood is a prime example. As good as his writing is, it’s even better when heard with his Kentucky accent.

One can feel the emotion of Elizabeth Meldrum, Miss Job’s Daughter of Virginia, 2016–2017. Laugh, cry and contemplate the feeling in her voice as she describes her family’s connection to Freemasonry and what it means to her.

Soon, hopefully, lodges will be contributing a small amount to keep these talks being produced. They are the perfect supplement to the monthly Short Talk Bulletin put out by MSA. Maybe your lodge can find a small amount to contribute, or maybe you can do it for them.

Please go to Short Talk Bulletin Podcast for a complete listing of available Bulletins, and an easy way to donate to them.

For a featured sample, listen to the Short Talk Bulletin August 2018,”Can You See Me Now?” by MW Casey Hood, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee.

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