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1919 Photo of MSA’s Origin

Thanks to MW  Frank Little and Mount Pinson Lodge No. 495 of Pinson, Alabama for the photo of the participants at the first meeting of the Masonic Service Association. The meeting was held on November 11-13, 1919 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The photo was found by a man who was cleaning out a house after his grandfather died. He knew his grandfather was a Mason and gave it to Brother Wayne Wise. Brother Frank Little knew MSA would want a copy.

Now, it is framed and hanging at the MSA office. Do you know who is in the photo?

Masonic Service Association of North America Commissioners

Barry D. Weer
Past Grand Master of Illinois
Bloomington, Illinois 

North Central Division Commissioner
Wisconsin, Minnesota
North Dakota, South Dakota
Illinois, Iowa
(Term expires 2027)

Jess N. Raines
Past Grand Master of Ohio
Malta, Ohio

North Division Commissioner
Michigan, Ohio
Indiana, West Virginia*
Kentucky, Tennessee
(Term expires 2025)
* (not a member jurisdiction)

Jorge Aladro
Past Grand Master of Florida
Jacksonville, Florida 

South Division Commissioner
 North Carolina, South Carolina
Georgia, Alabama
Mississippi, Florida
(Term expires 2026)

Kristian Goodmanson
Past Grand Master of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canadian West Division Commissioner
British Columbia & Yukon Territory
Alberta*, Saskatchewan*
(Term expires 2027)
* (not a member jurisdiction)

James H. Kendall
Past Grand Master of Washington
Vice Chairman
Port Orchard, Washington

North West Division Commissioner
Montana, Washington
Wyoming, Idaho
Oregon, Alaska
(Term expires 2027)

Clayton J. “Chip” Borne, III
Past Grand Master of Louisiana
Mandeville, Louisiana 

South Central Division Commissioner
Missouri, Kansas
Arkansas, Oklahoma
Louisiana, Texas
(Term expires 2026)

Stuart A. Wright
Past Grand Master of California
Palm Desert, California

South West Division Commissioner
Colorado, Utah
Nevada, New Mexico
California, Hawaii
(Term expires 2025)

Lanny R. Sander
Past Grand Master of Oklahoma
Chairman Emeritus
Seiling, Oklahoma 


Gary S. Kaufman
Past Grand Master of Rhode Island
Providence, Rhode Island

North Atlantic Division Commissioner
Maine, New Hampshire
Vermont, Massachusetts
Rhode Island, Connecticut
(Term expires 2027)

Thomas Gamon IV
Past Grand Master of Pennsylvania
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

South Atlantic Division Commissioner
New York, New Jersey
Pennsylvania, Delaware
Maryland, Virginia
District of Columbia
(Term expires 2025)

Marc C. David
Past Grand Master of Quebec
Montreal, Quebec

Canadian East Division Commissioner
 Quebec, Ontario*
Newfoundland & Labrador
New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
(Term expires 2026)
* (not a member jurisdiction)

Associate Members

Puerto Rico

Craig L. Davis photoCraig L. Davis, PGM (IA)









Tom Nash
Hospital Visitation Coordinator

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