Hospital Visitation Program

What is the Program?

It is much more than merely “visitations” to the disabled and lonely patients in V.A. Hospitals, State Veterans Homes and Extended Care Facilities. It is the rendering of personal services to all our sons and brothers, Masons and Non-Masons alike, who now need someone to turn to for encouragement and to make life a little more pleasant.

How to help

If you have time and want to become involved in a program that will give you a feeling of self-satisfaction and pride; knowing that you are helping those who cannot help themselves, write to us.

Send us an email or write to:

Masonic Service Association

Hospital Visitation Program

813 1st Ave SE, Suite 357

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

What does your hospital visitor do?

Volunteers are at their stations every day in the V.A. Hospitals or State Veterans Homes. They take your place at the bedside of hospitalized veterans.

  • to pay a comforting visit in the name of Freemasonry;
  • to act as a “personal shopper” for bedridden patients;
  • to purchase items for patients recommended by the Hospital staff, but not obtainable through regular hospital facilities.
  • to assist in procuring “vital statistics” documents, such as birth or marriage certificates to provide notary public services, particularly for patients confined to their beds