Disaster Relief Summary

Disaster Relief – How it Works

When a natural disaster occurs, the Grand Jurisdiction(s) affected may request the MSANA to make an appeal for assistance to all U.S. and Canadian Grand Lodges.

Our first disaster relief appeal was in 1923 to help the victims of an earthquake in Japan. Since that time more than 100 appeals have been made on behalf of individual Grand Lodges.

When a disaster relief appeal is made, all of the monies received are sent, in their entirety, to the Grand Jurisdiction involved. No portion of donated funds is retained by the MSANA for any reason whatsoever. All costs connected with the appeal are absorbed through our regular operating budget. All donated funds are given to help the recovery within the Grand Jurisdiction for whom the appeal was made.

 All contributions, donations, and bequests to MSANA are tax deductible and every gift is acknowledged by the MSANA.

Summary of Masonic Relief

Tennessee Tornadoes2016$30,000.00
Louisiana Flooding2016$250,000.00
North Carolina Hurricane2016$50,000.00
South Carolina Flooding2015$110,000.00
Serbia Flooding2014$32,000.00
Baja California Sur Hurricane2014$25,000.00
Philippines Typhoon2013-2014$185,000.00
Oklahoma Tornados2013$235,000.00
New York Hurricane2012-2013$214,228.00
New Jersey Hurricane2012-2013$213,204.00
Kentucky Tornado2012$60,000.00
Guatemala Hurricane2012$6,000.00
Japan Earthquake2011$91,625.00
New Zealand Earthquake2011$70,575.00
Alabama Tornado2011$30,400.00
Tennessee Tornado2011$30,800.00
Missouri Tornado2011$42,925.00
North Dakota Flooding2011$19,285.00
Connecticut Hurricane2011$22,650.00
New York Hurricane2011$18,625.00
Pennsylvania Hurricane2011$18,875.00
Vermont Hurricane2011$22,775.00
Haiti Earthquake2010$192,178.00
Tennessee Flooding2010$39,375.00
Tennessee Tornado2008$75,850.00
Iowa Flooding2008$67,960.00
Texas Hurricane2008$42,130.00
Kansas Tornado2007$72,800.00
Washington State Flooding2007$39,000.00
Alabama Hurricane2005$418,950.00
Louisiana Hurricane2005$650,275.00
Mississippi Hurricane2005$637,225.00
Indonesia/Sri Lanka Tsunami2005$48,500.00
Florida Hurricane2005$95,450.00
Texas Hurricane2005$22,795.00
California Wildfires2004$26,762.00
Alabama Hurricane2004$48,700.00
Florida Hurricane2004$163,250.00
Kansas Tornado2003$22,425.00
Missouri Tornado2003$44,700.00
Tennessee Tornado2003$43,700.00
North Carolina Hurricane2003$32,100.00
Virginia Hurricane2003$32,100.00
Alabama Tornado2001$31,450.00
New York 9-11 Attack2001$982,200.00
Virginia 9-11 Attack2001$337,200.00
Australia/Queensland Flood2001$1,500.00
New Mexico Wildfires2000$60,325.00
Kansas Tornado1999$65,500.00
Oklahoma Tornado1999$133,800.00
North Carolina Hurricane1999$148,200.00
Italy Earthquake1998$4,675.00
Minnesota Flood1997$86,600.00
North Dakota Flood1997$93,800.00
Italy Earthquake1998$4,675.00
Alabama Tornado1998$64,125.00
El Salvador Hurricane1998$34,700.00
Guatemala Hurricane1998$34,950.00
Honduras Hurricane1998$50,800.00
Nicaragua Hurricane1998$36,000.00
California Flood1997$42,000.00
Nevada Flood1997$48,850.00
Minnesota Flood1997$86,600.00
North Dakota Flood1997$93,800.00
Washington Flood1996$32,487.00
North Carolina Hurricane1996$110,524.00
Japan Earthquake1995$32,487.00
Oklahoma Bombing1995$89,962.00
Georgia Flood1994$60,725.00
Texas Flood1994$67,535.00
Iowa Flood1993$126,600.00
Illinois Flood1993$103,775.00
Missouri Flood1993$88,225.00
Kansas Flood1993$47,825.00
Nebraska Flood1993$47,650.00
South Dakota Flood1993$46,650.00
California Earthquake1993$146,225.00
Florida Hurricane1992$279,750.00
Louisiana Hurricane1992$243,150.00
Hawaii Hurricane1992$76,900.00
Philippine Islands Flood1991$30,500.00
Puerto Rico Hurricane1989$45,625.00
California Earthquake1989$62,000.00
Florida Hurricane1985$20,244.00
Mexico Earthquake1985$6,220.00
Columbian Earthquake1985$100.00
Dominican Republic Disaster1979$32,859.00
Chilean Earthquake1979$36,927.00
Guatemala Relief1976$66,130.00
Mississippi Flood Relief1976$80,560.00
Honduras Relief1974$13,696.00
Nicaragua Earthquake Relief1973$5,960.00
Philippine Flood Relief1972$19,220.00
Peru Relief1970$87,367.00
Mississippi Relief1969$20,008.00
Italy Flood Relief1967$59,395.00
Louisiana Hurricane Relief1965$54,718.00
Cuban Relief1962$11,436.00
Chilean Relief1960$1,000.00
Miscellaneous Relief1959$18,024.00
Tamaulipas Relief Fund1955$29,985.00
Holland Relief Fund1953$19,210.00
Manitoba Relief Fund1950$20,737.00
Ecuador Relief Fund1949$46,798.00
Philippine Relief Fund1945$7,387.00
Chilean Earthquake1939$5,202.00
Austrian Flood1938$33,771.00
Kentucky Flood1937$107,622.00
Puerto Rico Hurricane1928$608,291.00
Mississippi Valley Flood1927$43,700.00
Florida Hurricane1926$114,236.00
Japanese Earthquake Relief1923$1,577.00
Total $10,517,187.00

Charity in Action

See the chart for summary of relief funds distributed by the MSANA.

0 Million
$10,517,187.00 total

The Masonic Service Association of North America is registered with the United States Federal Government as 501(c)3 non-profit organization.