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The Emessay (pronounced M-S-A) Notes are published monthly by the Masonic Service Association.

The Emessay Notes contain information about MSA activities and other topics of Masonic interest. 

We do not have all the past Emessay Notes online, but continue to build our archive of those that have been posted on the web.

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Brother Weeb Eubank is the only coach to win the AFL Championship, NFL Championship, and the Super Bowl. He coached the Baltimore Colts to NFL championships in 1958 and 1959; the New York Jets to the AFL championship in 1968, and then Super Bowl III in 1969.

Northern Lights Lodge moved from the Dakota/Minnesota Territory across the Canadian border to Red River Settlement, Rupert’s Land, a Canadian Crown Territory. Thus, it is the only lodge to have ever been active, sequentially, in both what was a United States territory and a Canadian territory. (Thanks to The Minnesota Mason‘s Masonic Conundrum, January-February 2019)